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Gary Gates’ father was a talented Air Force pilot. But as he prepared to transfer to the U.S. Space Shuttle program, his father was murdered leaving 18-year-old Gary to support the family. Gary started by driving trucks but soon found his talent was in buying, renovating and renting homes and apartments.


Gary built his business from a single home to now 500 employees. Gary thinks long term. He rarely sells his investments. Many of Gary’s employees have been with him more than 30 years. Gary Gates is a person who sets high standards and meets them.


We need people like Gary in the Texas Legislature. As an individual, he has cared for some of America’s neediest people. He has provided steady employment for hundreds and he takes on the most difficult tasks and succeeds. Gary believes that his success requires him to give back at a higher level.


Gary has the life experience to represent your values in Austin.


Gary, his wife Melissa and their children attend Grace Community Bible Church.

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