Protecting Taxpayers


Fighting skyrocketing property taxes are a priority to Gary. He knows high property taxes make it harder and harder for younger families to achieve the dream of owning their home. Gary support reforming the appraisal process that has been the main culprit in higher property taxes. 


Gary is also asking all Texas voters to join him and vote for the constitutional amendment banning a state income tax once and for all. 

Supporting Our Schools


As a family man and an employer, Gary highly values education.  Gary supports our public schools and giving parents a choice to determine the best education opportunity for their kids. 


Gary supports Governor Abbott’s plan to provide comprehensive security funding and emergency response training for school personnel with the goal for making Texas schools the safest in the nation. 


Emergency Preparedness

Gary wants all Texans prepared for natural disasters. He wants to make sure the state is equipped and can more quickly respond to and recover from natural disasters.

Border Security & Human Trafficking


Gary knows the importance of protecting our borders. He supports the effort to deployed 1,000 additional National Guard Troops to help secure the border, in addition to increasing penalties for drug and human trafficking operations.

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Gary is 100% pro-life. In fact, Gary and his wife Melissa believe every life is precious, they have opened their home and adopted children that the system left behind. Gary will fight in the state house to protect each life.

Religious Liberty


The protection of freedom of religion is never far from Gary’s mind. We cannot allow liberal governments deny business opportunities to Texans based on their religious affiliations, like what happened to Chick-Fil-A in San Antonio.