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If you are 65 or better, vote securely and safely by mail!

Dear Friend,

When you elected me in January, nobody expected much to do until next year’s session. Then COVID-19 hit and I spent half a year trying to fight it on your behalf.

I worked with others to get people the help they need. I was not raised to squabble when there is work to do.

I learned that lesson when my dad, who was a top Air Force pilot with a tremendous future in the Space Program, was murdered. I had to take care of the family at age 18. There was no time to quarrel, we got to work.

  • We must recover from this virus and we must keep Texas economically strong and moving forward.

  • We must lower property taxes, third highest in America is too high.

  • We must improve schools. COVID is terrible, but it does shine a light on education methods to help us innovate.

  • I will support the 2nd Amendment. We all have the right to self-defense and I pray you never need to use it.

As seniors, you have earned the right to vote by mail. Your official application for ballot-by-mail is linked below. Just sign it, add a first-class stamp, and mail it in right away. Once you receive your ballot in the mail, you simply vote and mail it back. It’s that easy.

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