Don't believe the shameful untrue attacks on Gary Gates' Family.

Gary knows how hard it is to lose a parent. When he was 18-years-old, Gary Gates' father, who was an Air Force pilot, was murdered. Gary was left to provide for his family. 

When Gary became a successful businessman, he and his wife, Melissa, took it upon themselves to adopt children who had also been left behind. 

Over the years, the Gates' adopted eleven kids and instilled in them all self-accountability, hard work, and Christian principles. Some of his adopted children had endured unspeakable suffering and seemed to have no future. Gary could not turn his back on those who were suffering.

Still, Gary's Democrat political opponents knowingly launch dishonest attacks on his family, in a desperate last minute attempt to deceive voters.


In 2000, the Gates family underwent an evaluation after the false CPS accusation to assess how the kids were progressing.

"I have never said this about anyone I have ever evaluated: I admire the Gates. I would not hesitate to place my own children in their care."

"Gary Gates is a strong, principled man who holds his beliefs strongly and is willing to fight for what he believes is right, perhaps especially for his children."

"They are strong, principled people who have seen it as their mission to provide a stable home and Christian upbringing for children who perhaps otherwise could have had a very different experience of childhood. They have taken on special needs children while being fully aware of the consequences of this for them."

"I personally never experienced two people who are more dedicated to parenting and so willing to sacrifice of themselves, their time, energy, and resources, to be the best parents they can be."

"The Gates have no need for CPS or CASA services."

Source: Gates' Family Clinical Psychological Evaluation, Jay P. Bevan, Ph.D., 6/22/2000


If you have any further questions on this topic, please call Gary on his cell phone: 713-899-7870

Don't believe disgusting lies from desperate politicians.